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Sailor Moon Movie Guides

Sailor Moon R movie:
Promise of the Rose

Main chars: Inner scouts, darien, cats, rini
Fiore, Kasinean Blossom
kidnap darien, take over earth with evil flowers
this movie starts off when serena and darien first met as kids in a hospital. darien's alien freind fiore, was also and orphan. after darien gave him a rose, he promised to return with the most beautiful flower in the universe in return. years later he returns but he was turned into kassineans's slave to use him to destroy earth. course the scouts rescue darien, save the earth and almost losing princess serena in the prosess.
My Rating:
3 stars,  typical episode, but the past was intesting.
Sailor MoonS: Hearts in Ice

Main chars: inner & outer scouts (minus saturn), mini moon, kakiero(jap), luna, darien
Snow Queen, Snow Dancers
Goal: Freeze the earth, save kakiero from snow queen's spell
a snow queen from long ago returns to freeze the earth. she sends her snow dancers down to find a crystal that could freeze the earth quickly. but kakerio, a scientist who always dreams of the stars, finds it first and it slowly steals his life force. luna falls in love with kakerio after he saved her from almost being hit by a car. while the scouts fight the snow queen, sailor moon turns luna human, with the help of the purity chalice, to help save kakero.
My Rating:
4 stars, cute and full of action
Sailor Moon SuperS:
Black Dream Hole

Main Chars: Inner & outer scouts (minus saturn), mini moon, peruru, darien
Evil fairy queen, 3 o clock fairys (perupan and 2 others)
kidnap all the children of the world, create sleep dimension, save mini moon
this is another cute one. starts off with rini meeting peruru, a fairy. that night all the children in tokyo were hypnotised by a flute of perupan(peruru's brother) to be taken to a castle in the sky. the scouts failed to save rini, and all were taken to be put in a dream world, but rini was used as the main energy source. in the end everything is fine and darien recovers from some broken ribs.
My Rating:
4 stars, cute movie
Special Movie: Ami's First Love

Main chars: Ami, inner scouts, rini, darien
some weird clown alien
feak out ami
this was one weird movie. basically ami finds out she has a secret admirer and goes crazy trying to figure out who it is. one night the one does appear, but wasn't what ami suspected. it was a weird circus damion playing a prank of ami by using her fears against her.
My rating:
2 stars, just way to weird and freaky...