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Moon Cat Profiles

This page is the moon cat shrine. arent they cute? ^_^

Name: Luna
Partner: Artemis
Daughter: Diana
Guardian cat to: Serena/Rini (inner scouts)
Description: Black cat with gold cresent moon on forehead.
Human Form: long flowing black/purple hair, golden dress, yellow ribbon and cresent moon amulet around neck and moon symbol on forehead. (princess kayuga/seen once in SM movie 2/ mostly seen in manga)
Purpose: Guide inner scouts, protect princess Serena, breakup arguments
Bad Sides: too bossy, fights too much with serena.
Good Sides: guides scouts, always has an item for sailor moon to use.
Background: This lil kitty was one of the two gaurdian cats from the moon kingdom. after the negaverse attacked, she and her partner artemis were split up on earth on search for the future scouts. luna appeared in Japan and found serena turning her into sailor moon.

Name: Artemis
Altern. identity: mission control in japan for luna
Guardian cat to: Venus/Mina (inner scouts)
Partner: Luna
Daughter: Diana
Description: White cat with gold cresent moon symbol on forehead.
Human Form: White outfit, long straight silvery-white hair, moon symbol on forehead and gold cresent moon amulet around his neck. (only in manga)
Purpose: Guide scouts, protect princess Serena and Venus.
Bad sides: hid his fondness for luna too long, very emotional
Good Sides: protective, informative
Background: this cute kitty was the other gaurdian cat in the silver millenium moon kingdom along with luna. after the attack on the kingom, he was sent to earth, but ended up in England where he found sailor V (venus) and trained her. later he came to Japan and disguised himself as mission control inside a sailor V video game, to help luna with information before Mina arrived on the scene. he hid his feelings for luna for quite a long time though. now both cats gaurd and guide the scouts together.

Name: Diana
Gaurdian cat to: Rini
Family: Luna (mother), Artemis (father)
Description: small pale blue/purple kitten, gold cresent moon on forehead and small bell and ribbon around her neck.
Human Form: short purple/black hair like her mom up in twin odangoes, light blue and white dress, bell around her neck and cresent moon symbol on her forehead.(funny thing is..her tail still shows/ only seen in manga)
Purpose: protect rini/sailor mini moon in the past.
Good side: she is cute and always there when ya need her.
Bad sides: she is young, asks too many questions.
Background: isnt she cute? this little kitten came from crystal Tokyo in the future to guide princess rini when she went back through time. she is the daughter of luna and artemis. (though they got a shock in the past when she told them.) she acts like a typical kid, always asking questions, but doesnt hesitate to run to Serena when she sees something wrong with Rini.