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Nega Verse

SM Evil Char. Groups

Leaders: Queen Beryl, Queen Metallica
Genelrals: Jedite, Neflyte, Zoisite, Malachite, Prince Darien (for a time)
Season Appeared:
Original opening season
Monster Types: Controled humans, nega spirits, 7 shadows
get Imperial crystal, find 7 shadows, rule the universe, unleash negaverse
Destroyed moon kingdom, banished by Queen Serenity
Final Judgement:
Princess Serena used imperial crystal to destroy them all
Doom Tree

Dark Moon/Nega Moon

Heart Snatchers/Death Busters

Dead Moon Circus

Leaders: Ann & Alan
Identities: Brother and sister (Granger)
Season Appeared:
Sailor Moon R season (first half)
Monster Types: Cardians
get enough energy to sustain Tree of Life, gain love of Serena and Darien
Last of thier kind, others destroyed one another, wandered universe
Final Judgement:
SM destroys old tree and aliens leave as a sappling emerges.
Leaders: WiseMan (doom Phantom),Prince Diamond (Demando)
True Leader: Wise Man
Top Generals:Rubeus, Emerald (Esmeraude)
Other Generals: Catsy, Birdy, Avery, Prisma, Sapphire, Wicked Lady (black lady)
Season Appeared:
Sailor Moon R season (second half)
Monster Types: Druids
Destroy moon family, conquer present day Tokyo, capture Rini (small lady), rule over white moon, make Serena love Prince Diamond.
Banished to dark moon long ago by Queen Serenity, Wise Man tricked Diamond and Sapphire into helping him when they were kids.
Final Judgement:
Neo Queen Sereniry and Princess Rini destroy Wise Man, 5 sisters turn good, top generals killed
Leaders: Soverign of Silence, Professor Tomoe, Pharoh 90
True Leader: Pharoh 90
Top General:Misstress 9
Other Generals: Kaorie Night (Kaolinite), Tellu, Cyprine, Pikurl, Mimette, Eudial (witches 5)
Season Appeared:
Sailor Moon S season
Monster Types: Heart Snatcher Pods
Collect Pure Hearts, Awaken Soverign of Silence, bring Pharoh 90 to earth, get purity challace and pure heart tailsmons.
Tomoe's daughter was killed in a lab explosion, Pharoh 90 restored her when Tomoe promised to help 90. placed a heart snatcher in each of them.
Final Judgement:
Witches, misstress 9 and 90 killed, saturn awakened, hotaru came back as a baby, professor has amnesia.
Leaders: Queen Neherenia (spider Queen)
Top General:Zirconia
Other Henchmen:
Amazon Trio: Tiger eye, Hawk Eye, Fish Eye
Amazon Quartet: JunJun, PallaPalla, VesVes, CereCere (asteriod Scouts)
Season Appeared:
Sailor Moon SuperS and first half of Stars seasons
Monster Types:
Druids (sideshow freaks)
Find Golden Dream Mirror and capture Pegasus (helios), Gain golden crystal, destroy dreams, take away Darien and kill scouts.
: Was a nice queen, but jealous of young dreams and destroyed her kingdom. tried to get golden crystal to defeat Queen Serenity, but was banished.
Final Judgement
: Trio killed, quartet ran away to become asteriod scouts later, Helios was freed, Neherenia sealed into a mirror. Galaxia later came and realeased her, then Serena turned her good again.
Sailor Animates/Metal Scouts

Leader: Sailor Galaxia/Sailor Chaos (Golden Queen Galaxia)
Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminun Siren,   
                      Sailor Tin Nyanko, Evil Uranus & Neptune
Others in Manga: Sailor Chi & Phi, Sailor Lethe & Mnemoysne, Sailor Heavy
                            Metal Papillion

Season Appeared:
Sailor Moon Stars season (second half)
Monster Types:
Starseed monsters, animates themselves
Find True Light of Hope and ultimate starseed (chibichibi & Serena), collect star seeds, rule universe (.is there a pattern here with this...?)
: Was a nice queen and sailor scout, but sealed sailor chaos within her and sent out her starseed before it could be tainted. conquered planets and contrloling sailor scouts as animates as she goes.
Final Judgement
: Animates erased/killed by Galaxia, Serena purifies Galaxia and both her and CC leave planet. freed all starseeds.